I'm in love with Nino's solo songs
So I've been listening to Nino's solo songs like Kako (konseki) and Niji nonstop for these past few days and never have I grown tired of them either.

Even though Nino isn't the strongest vocalist with the best voice out there. But because he composed his own solo songs, they fit perfectly well to his vocal range and I believe only Nino can sing and perform them so well with so much emotions<3

Arashi made me join Livejournal - My story
I feel that I got to know Arashi ten years late. It´s really unfortunate cause I wish I knew about them sooner.

Even thought I heard about Arashi countless times before whenever it´s a talk about Jpop, but I never really payed attention. I actually got into Arashi recently because of Sho in the drama Tokujo Kabachi. I´ve been a J-drama/movie fan for years and I loved the likes of Hana Yori Dango, Liar Game, Kurosaki, Death Note, Bloody Monday, Code Blue and many others.

Only recently did I found out that Matsumoto Jun who acted in Hana Yori Dango was from Arashi, and also Nino in one of my favorite jdorama Ryusei no kizuna is also from Arashi! It´s mindblowing at first, because I always watched them and thought of them as actors! But Arashi members are truly multitalented and good at so many different fields.

But because of their Jdoramas I started to listen to more of their songs and I came to really love "One Love". I fell mostly for them and was amazed by Nino´s solo like Niji and Konseki etc. Those songs are so beautiful and I thought what a musical genius Nino must be to compose such beautiful songs. His songs really has soul and a story behind it.

As I get to slowly know more of Arashi I became more greedy and wants to see more of them in variety. I´ve only been able to watch a few episodes on Dramacrazy, but most of the videos are unsubbed or removed "/ It´s really sad because Arashi are so awesome, but it´s unfortunate that not more people can see them and watch their shows.

Anyhow, I´m really new here and signed up on LJ mainly because of Arashi and I wish to watch their subbed videos. I hope I can be accepted here and we all can walk the path together to support Arashi.

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